Supporting Social Impact for Long Term Change

A thought leader and enabler of social impact for long-term change.

Lusoma Advisory Services journeys with institutions and organized groups 

to enable them to establish their footprint in the development space they seek to impact.

The Development Challenge

Non-profit organizations are best known for their ability to provide services to others and ensure that social change impacts those who need it the most. This they seek to do in an evolving development context that calls for nonprofit organizations to be flexible, proactive, and adaptive. However, many non-profits struggle to establish or do not know how to manage the integration of being of service and strengthening their service role. 

This is where Lusoma comes in.

We support organizations in understanding their context and the social challenges they seek to address and walk with them in defining alternative viable solutions for social change. This we seek to do through design thinking, designing systems, establishing proactive strategies, and fostering a culture that initiates and promotes locally-led development.

We Seek To Do This Through

Program Design and Strategy

Training and Coaching

Social Research and Learning

Some of Our Partners

A Resiliency Framework project coach, providing capacity-strengthening support to CSOs in Uganda and Kenya to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the risks and threats a changing civic space poses.

We provided consultancy services on training and facilitation, to build the capacity for transformative leadership of young women and girls and women with disabilities (WWDs); young women entrepreneurs; and young women leaders of non-profit entities.

We provided consultancy services on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) to Women Gaining Ground consortium partners in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. 

We provided consultancy services on program management and conference coordination; in developing responsive programs on research and knowledge management, networking, and membership engagement and influencing.

We undertook a feasibility study on promoting the Concept and Practice of Community Foundations; part of the expansion strategy for their work in Africa

We provided consultancy services on curriculum development and quality assurance for the Change the Game Academy. Trained and Coached for Change the Game Academy.

We provided consultancy services on program design and strategy for community philanthropy models and practices. Coaching FCS grantees on strategies to strengthen community ownership and engagements in community-led development. 

Let’s make positive change happen!
Lusoma works with non-profit organizations to enable them to deliver value 
and achieve outcomes for their target populations.

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