What We Do

We share alternative & simplified ways of getting work done in designing systems, establishing proactive strategies, and fostering a culture that initiates and promotes 

community-led development.


Through social research, Lusoma supports its clients in evaluating their contribution to society and establishing their niche in the social impact ecosystem.


Lusoma partners with its clients to establish innovative, responsive initiatives that harness knowledge generation, promote local ownership and establish the institutions’ position in the ecosystem.

Our 5Ps


Through coaching and training, Lusoma supports its clients in establishing clear functions that attract the right talent and passion. Lusoma provides clients with skills development that will harness the team's skills to undertake the required tasks to achieve the institution’s mandate.


Lusoma supports its clients in design-thinking processes through training and facilitation. This is to define and align their modalities of operations to establish robust systems that support their overall mandate.


Lusoma supports clients to explore alternative social approaches in fundraising and sustainability models, to adapt to the changing development context while remaining robust and relevant. Lusoma spurs action among clients to build capacity and connect with social impact professionals and networks to establish its position in the ecosystem.

Program Design and Strategy

We work with our clients on design thinking processes and curating programs and projects to enable them to have effective systems and structures that facilitate their product and service delivery.

Clients include:

Social Research & Learning

Social research

In developing the non-profit industry, we recognize the importance of generating knowledge and documenting information. Social research facilitates the clients’ foresight and insights toward creating relevant programs and sustainable outcomes.

Clients include:

Training & Coaching

Social-research-800x450 2

We journey with our clients by imparting knowledge, skills, and a culture that delivers value and achieves outcomes for their target population. The key focus is on partnership building, project management, organizational sustainability, policy influencing, and advocacy.

Clients include:

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